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Video: Occupy is Just Another Socialist Front Group

John on March 5, 2012 at 10:47 am

David Graeber is in many ways the father of OWS, on a par with Kalle Lasn. We wrote about Graeber here back when few people knew his name or contribution. At the time we noted that Graeber’s stated goal was to “smash the state and destroy capitalism.” Strangely, that never made it into the mainstream coverage of OWS. They were just protesters. No journalist on this side of the Atlantic ever took time to point out that the focus of their protest was capitalism (though it is routine to label Occupiers “anti-capitalist” in European papers).

With this video from the new Breitbart website, we see just how plainly the destruction of capitalism is discussed by Graeber and his fellow radicals in the labor movement. This is their goal and always has been:

They’ve been pushing this same garbage since at least 1923. It never worked and never will.

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