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Video: It’s On – “Here Comes the Catholic Church”

Morgen on February 29, 2012 at 6:50 am

Planned Parenthood launched a YouTube campaign this week in support of the HHS contraception mandate on employers. Here’s a brief video from Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, introducing their “I Have a Say” campaign.

YouTube Preview Image

Father John Hollowell, a Catholic priest with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, decided he had a little something to say in response. I enjoyed the whole thing but jump ahead to 3:30 if you are pressed for time. Oh, it’s on:

YouTube Preview Image

I have a say and I have this to say though: you better knock us out now. You and the President in seeking to silence the church, and seeking to silence those who also believe they have a say…you and the President better knock us out right now. Because Cecile I can promise you – here comes the Catholic Church.

It seems Democrats are taking comfort from polls which show that a majority of the public is in favor of the Administration’s position on this mandate, but they are missing an important point I believe. Which is that while only a minority of Americans may be opposed to this policy, a substantial contingent of this minority, Catholics in particular, voted for the President Obama in 2008 and are generally inclined to support Democrats. If the White House thinks obtaining cover from one or two token Catholic organizations is going to alleviate this as an issue in the November election, then they are grossly underestimating the influence and organizational power of the Catholic Church. It could swing the election.

Now that said, I think Democrats are also counting on the GOP to adopt this same sort of confrontational approach in making the contraception mandate a campaign issue. This would be a mistake. The GOP can and should stand proudly for religious and economic liberty, and this issue can be used effectively at a high level to draw a contrast with the President’s agenda to radically transform America. But let’s look to our nominee to advance a platform based on the language and wide appeal of traditional American values, not to dive into the trenches and get bloodied in our ongoing cultural wars. Meanwhile we can cheer on and actively support religious leaders like Father Hollowell, and other political leaders, who are going toe-to-toe with the most vocal voices of the left, in standing up for religious liberty and the miracle of life.

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