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Remember that Lancet Study of Iraqi Deaths?

John on February 6, 2009 at 10:32 am

It was touted by the left for months as proof that George Bush was the world’s foremost war criminal. Sensible people on the left and right began pointing out flaws in the methodology shortly thereafter. It was only much later that we learned George Soros has paid million for the “study” which should have been a give away that this was not on the level.

Now that famous bit of Iraq war agitprop is finally undone. The author of the study has been publicly rebuked by the American Association for Public Opinion Research. AAPOR notes that Mr. Burnham refuses to release details of his methodology, making it impossible to verify his findings.

It was a put up job, paid for by an anti-Bush Billionaire. After all the ink this was given when this “study” was published, is there a newspaper in this country that will investigate the fraud?

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