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Obama 2006: “There’s going to be a day when we look back at that $3.05 or $3.15 gasoline as the good old days”

Morgen on February 22, 2012 at 11:20 am

Finally, a promise that did not come with an expiration date.

If we had taken all these steps decades ago, like Brazil did when the call for energy independence was first issued, we’d be immune right now to the whims of oil-rich dictators and surging gas prices. If we don’t take these steps now there’s going to be a day when we look back at that $3.05 or $3.15 gasoline as the good old days. At some point there’s not going to be a tax rebate that’s big enough or a tax holiday that’s long enough to solve these problems. The American people shouldn’t have to wait for this day to come. When it comes to reducing our dependence of foreign oil, the resources are there, the technology is there, the demand is there. Now we just need a little bit of political will and I hope that you guys will help me provide it.

So what exactly were these “steps ” which then Senator Obama claimed would prevent us from ever yearning for the days of $3 per gallon gas? The entirety of his domestic energy policy for the past 3 years of course.

Raising CAFE standards. Check. Bailing out American automakers and forcing them to manufacture more fuel efficient cars in return. Check. And I kid you not: “providing loan guarantees and venture capital to entrepreneurs” to produce the magic fuel of the future. Double check. It’s all there. The only item on his agenda I don’t think he has been able to pull off is forcing ethanol onto consumers, which of course would cost even more than gasoline and would drive up food prices in the process.

He really believed this nonsense…and he should be held accountable for it.

You can listen to the full podcast where this clip came from by clicking the link below.

Senator Obama Discusses Rising Gas Prices (May 2006)

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