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Obama Tries to Open Window to Oval Office…Not Funny

John on January 28, 2009 at 6:51 pm

If George Bush had tried this it would have led the evening news, at least on MSNBC. But since “the One” did it it’s literally a non-story:

It looks like President Obama hasn’t gotten acquainted to his White House surroundings. On the way back to the Oval Office Tuesday, the President approached a paned window, instead of the actual door — located a few feet to his right.

Doors didn’t open automatically for Obama’s predecessor either. While making a hasty exit from a 2005 press conference in Beijing, former President George W. Bush tugged on the handles of a door, only to find it locked.

Bush laughed off the blunder, but the pictures still live on as part of Bush’s lame duck legacy. However, there was little note taken of Obama’s rookie mistake.

This is nonsense of course, but the left has made a career of it the last eight years. Quite a double standard now that their guy is making a fool of himself.

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