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Barney Frank: OWS is Emotionally Satisfying but Ineffective

John on February 16, 2012 at 4:37 pm

He’s basically describing a tantrum:

YouTube Preview Image

I think the Occupy people are doing more that makes them feel emotionally satisfied but not as much to effect it [government]

He’s right of course. OWS’ only success has been as a hook for a sympathetic media. They’ve changed the debate by screaming and yelling, but they’ve done almost nothing to actually promote or elect a single candidate (so far).

I still maintain that the reasons for this have everything to do with their DNA as a group. I said the following about their need to grow  a brain more than three months ago and I think that still stands:

The occupiers may be intelligent, educated people as individuals, but as a collective they are choosing so far to remain primitive. They’ve formed teams and groups akin to tissues and organs (sanitation, media, etc.) but they draw the line at brains. And, so far, are resisting the brain transplant the Democratic Party seems eager to offer them.

But no brain means no message. And no message means no seat at the table. This may have dawned on some of them, but if so they aren’t admitting it. For now, the only message is occupy, i.e. respirate and take up space. It’s possible this is the only existence a group with such radically egalitarian DNA can have. They may be stuck in other words.

And indeed they do seem to be stuck, to the point that even Barney Frank can see it.

[HT: Fox Nation]

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