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Hillary Clinton Channels John Bolton: The UN is a Neutered Failure

John on February 5, 2012 at 11:00 am

Okay, so she doesn’t use those words in sequence, but close. In this first clip which comes after the veto by China and Russia of a plan to stop Assad, she says the UN has been “neutered” which is synonymous with having no balls. She goes on to say that the US will try to work around the useless UN:

YouTube Preview Image

And in this clip just days before the vote was taken, Hillary says it would be a “failure of responsibility” to pass the measure:

YouTube Preview Image

I saw some wag in the press saying that Hillary is now dressing like a Bond villain. Personally, I welcome Hillary “Blofeld” Clinton to the stage. She sounds a lot like John Bolton these days but, because she’s a liberal, she won’t be criticized for it. In fact, Bolton sounds tame compared to Hillary:

YouTube Preview Image

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