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Fan Mail!

John on January 17, 2009 at 1:36 pm

From Bill Baily (or Bailley) who, um, really loves the blog:

I came accross this site and just wanted you to know Your an idiot.

If you were a teacher I bet you were good at showing How not to think.

Just wanted you to know The people who do think just are saddened by such fools as you.
You make the world a less pleasant and less informed place.

Bad luck to you and yours hope you lose every dime you ever made and have to beg some of your so called friends for help But we both know they wouldn’t even if your life depended on it

You made your own bed lay in it.

Wishing you the absolute worst

He wasn’t done. He sent another one (under a new spelling of his name) a minute later:

I read some more and I just want you guys to know your sick.

Teach you couldn’t teach if either of your lives depended on it.

Beliving in invisible men in the sky
- Yeah you should not be allowed to teach anyone anything

Give me a break you two should be put where everyone who else who belives in such things should be put – the hospital till you get well

Then you slant and lie and profess your the “Good” Rightous” ones Damn but like all dilustional folk you justifiy it with murmurings from others who belive in invisible men in the sky

Hope someday this world puts you and yours under the light of real truth.

I’ve met a lot of atheists through this blog. Some are pretty obnoxious, but this guy is almost a Christian caricature of an obnoxious atheist. Anyone else think this is a bit off somehow?

BTW, these came in at 5AM.

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