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CNN’s Favorite Ex-Republican

John on January 13, 2009 at 4:23 pm

CNN is running a story about Bush’s legacy for which they solicited comments via Predictably, they lead with the most extreme anti-Bush statement:

Cathy Cott, 49, of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, vented her “boiling anger” on She voted Republican for 22 years until after the 2000 election when Bush won a narrow victory over Democrat Al Gore. She says she is now a registered Democrat who voted for Barack Obama.

“I guess the simplest reason for my boiling anger is I have three kids and they will spend their lives paying for Bush’s policies, wars, economic disasters and the general mess he is leaving behind both monetarily and in their general quality of life,” Cott said.

The boiling anger line has already been picked up and repeated ad nauseum. But clicking over to the comment Cathy actually submitted, it’s clear CNN has done their best to clean it up and make it sound a little more rational and less childish than what she actually said. Here’s what she actually said:

When I read the simple, “How will you remember Bush?” I could feel the anger begin to boil inside of me. That just about sums it up; boiling anger. I am looking forward to having a president that does not embarrass our country with his behavior, manner of speech, and general ignorance. What could he have done better? Pretty much everything. What should he do after he leaves office? Go away and stay away. I don’t ever want to see his face or hear his voice ever again.

My four year old talks like this when she’s overdue for a nap.

This isn’t the first time that Cathy Cott, angry ex-Republican, has appeared on CNN’s website. In 2007 CNN published her rant about the US military:

The powers that be in the military say this now, but down the road the “policy” will be changed. When they need troops and no one is enlisting anymore because they’ve jerked them around so much in the past, they’ll proceed to jerk them around some more and keep them there as long as they like and then send them back as fast as they can. It’s all a matter of changing policy to suit their needs. They don’t view those soldiers, sailors, airmen or marines as human beings. They are nothing more than chess pieces in an actual life-or-death game they are playing. They are not to be trusted and their promises aren’t worth a thing.

And back in 2006, CNN published another unhinged comment from Cathy under the headline “Embarrassed for the GOP.”:

I think former Republican Representative Foley is one of MANY in Congress that should resign for various reasons. I also feel his immediate retreat into rehab is the most cowardly maneuver I’ve seen lately. This will have no effect on my voting plans for November. As a former lifelong Republican I am ashamed of what the party has become. I changed my party registration almost 6 years ago out of frustration, anger, and disgust. I wouldn’t vote for a Republican now if that was all there was to choose from. They have collectively destroyed our country!

Cathy seems to be CNN’s go-to gal for ex-Republican bitterness. Given her overheated, emotional writing and general lack of substance, I’m guessing she feels right at home in her new party.

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