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Leftists Use Sock Puppets to Slander Sarah Palin Supporters

John on January 8, 2009 at 10:28 am

Bill Collier at RedState reports on an organized effort by leftist trolls to destroy a pro-Palin site called The individuals involved posted racist rants under pseudonyms in an effort to generate a backlash. Their efforts apparently paid off as the Huffington Post (where else?) soon had a story on racism at TeamSarah.

Fortunately, the perpetrators aren’t as smart as they are demented:

[W]e now have screen shots, ID’s, and IP’s of a number of individuals who have planned an effort, and attempted to implement it, to act as agent provocateurs and discredit Team Sarah by planting racist and other unsavory material as if they were members.

They also left their intentions visible on DemocraticUnderground and other scuzzy places I don’t go without a Hazmat suit.

These are all people who voted for Obama. Coincidentally, Matt Lauer was just haranguing Ann Coulter over his perception that Obama’s victory was about uniting America and the fact that people wanted to “pull together” and stop being divisive. Apparently these jokers didn’t get the memo, Matt.

[HT: Ace]

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