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Occupiers Take, Trash a Man’s House

John on January 16, 2012 at 10:06 am

The occupiers have been talking for months about seizing foreclosed homes and giving them to worthy people. They tried this in New York but as the New York Post reports they seized a home still owned by someone else:

Occupy Wall Street protesters announced with great fanfare last month that they moved a homeless family into a “foreclosed” Brooklyn home — even though they knew the house belonged to a struggling single father desperately trying to renegotiate his mortgage, The Post has learned.

“They’re trying to take a house and say the bank is robbing the people because the mortgage is too high — so contact the owner!” fumed Wise Ahadzi, 28, who owns the home at 702 Vermont St. in East New York.

Occupiers “reclaimed” the row house on Dec. 6 and ceremoniously put out the welcome mat for a homeless family.

When he heard about the occupation of his home, Mr. Ahadzi went to see what was going on and the occupiers begged him not to call the police. Then when they made the announcement about the new family moving in to his home, Mr. Ahadzi once again showed up:

“[OWS] told me not to talk to them [reporters] because they [OWS] had an offer for me,” he said.

At a second meeting after the press conference, however, organizers said they would not pay him for the house. At that point, he told them to leave.

Inside the house the walls are knocked down and all of his belongings, including a stove, refrigerator and bedroom furniture, have been moved to the basement.

“I’m pissed off,” he said.

The Post sent someone to the house. Rather than the OWS connected individual they moved in they found three other OWSers who claimed the family shown in press photos only stayed there occasionally because the house was too small for them. In other words, this entire operation was a lie and a scam from start to finish.

[Thanks to @defendwallstreet for the tip]

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