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Some of My Favorites of 2008

Scott on January 5, 2009 at 10:21 pm

Since this is the time of year when people do “Best Of” lists, I thought I would make my own.  The posts are a mixture of faith, science, pop culture, politics and fun.  I based my list on things that made me think or laugh or angry or made me stop and reassess my life in some significant way.

Os Guinness Calls Frank Schaeffer Out (Faith/Philosophy – John)

Weirdness of the Day (Faith – John)

An Easter Story – The Ragman (Story Telling – Scott)

The King and the Humble Maiden (Story Telling – Scott)

What Does It Take for “In Depth” to Actually Mean IN DEPTH? (Faith/Watch blogs – Scott)

Missing the Point – Lessons from Ken Silva (Faith/Watch Blogs – Scott)

So Just How Would You Answer This Question? (Faith – Scott)

The End Is Near!  (Again) (guest post by Harold Watkins)

Vote COBRA in ’08 (Funny – John)

Top 15 Alternative Uses for Fingernail Polish (Funny/Practical – Cindy)

Pelosi:  Ardent, Practicing Catholic (Faith/Politics – John)

Regarding the Implosion of a Church (Faith – Scott)

Green Idealists Behind Global Warming (Science/Politics – John)

Church Music in a New Vein (Faith/Funny – Scott)

Crossing Paths Daily:  Obama and Ayers Shared an Office (Politics – John)

For Safety and Soundness, Vote YES on 8 (Politics/Culture – John)

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