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Never Before Seen! A Moonbat Defines Lying

John on June 13, 2006 at 6:35 pm

The liberal blog response to the non-indictment of Karl Rove is just too funny. Over at, things are particularly amusing. Truthout is the liberal blog that announced they had inside information from a reliable source that Karl Rove would definitely be indicted. So in light of current events, today they posted this rather lame message:

We are stunned by the magnitude of the reaction to the article we published yesterday morning. We have put our cards on the table. We invite Mr. Luskin to do the same.

To clarify: The entire basis for the information that “Rove has been cleared” comes from a verbal statement by Karl Rove’s attorney. No one else confirms that. As Karl Rove’s attorney Robert Luskin is bound to act – in all regards – in Rove’s best interest. We question his motives.

Their readers don’t seem to be buying it. Someone named “angry matt” is letting the site’s proprieters have it with both barrels.

What in the blazes is that supposed to mean Mr. Ash the card[s] are on the table and they say that everything Leepold wrote was a big lie and we know you said it wasn’t a lie because you personally checked it all out and it was true they just laid down a royal flush and you sitting there with nary a pair of duces…

But it gets better, so much better in fact. In response to angry matt’s tirade, a loyal truthout reader named vanmojo had this to say:

[Y]ou keep saying that Jason lied.

Do you understand that the word “lie” confers an intent to mislead?

What is your evidence that Jason intended to mislead? Not simply that what he wrote turned out to be incorrect in some fashion, but that he meant to write something that was wrong…

Where is your proof?

And there it is! A surprising new behaviour, never before seen on any liberal blog. Proof that liberal moonbats can in fact define lying. Now if only they could apply that the President, it would represent an unprecedented evolutionary leap.

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