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The Gang Problem in Britain

John on January 4, 2012 at 1:56 pm

This clip comes from RT so caveats must apply. RT is heavily invested in beating up the reputation of every decent democracy in the world (especially the US) presumably as a way to convince people that Russia isn’t so bad. That means that they have an agenda with this story and may not be presenting the problem fairly. That said, there is an unscripted line in this clip that I think redeems it. You’ll hear it at about 3:00:

YouTube Preview Image

Sheldon Thomas is right about the root causes. In fact, his message is one that Rick Santorum, Bill Bennett and many other conservatives would echo. Indeed, even Barack Obama has flirted with this message on a couple occasions. Family breakdown is a major factor in violent crime and government is one significant cause of family breakdown. It’s interesting that this message would appear on socialist leaning RT, but almost never is heard on supposedly mainstream US news networks.

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