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Occupy Charlotte Fed Up with “Dregs” of Movement, Votes to Abandon Camp

John on December 31, 2011 at 9:50 am

Hat tip to Sister Toldjah via Twitter. She sent along a story which notes that someone at Occupy Charlotte set two American flags on fire. Later a vote was taken and the camp was abandoned. The word “Croatoan” was found scrawled on a tree…Okay, I made the last part up but the rest is true:

A local radio station reports on the decision to abandon camp:

“What is left are the detritus – the dregs, basically.”

[Deanna St.Aubin-Bridgwood] says many newcomers are unfocused, protesting just for the sake of protesting. She says it’s become divisive a environment, pitting campers against people like herself who can’t camp because they have kids at home or a job. The flag-burning incident was the last straw.

“I have no idea why they decided they were going to burn the American flag. Has nothing to do with the Occupy Charlotte movement. Many of us are very upset at that. That’s just the antithesis of what we’re trying to present to the public.  This is why we’re having trouble getting people involved because they see people like that and they think it represents the whole movement, and it doesn’t.”

She’s right of course. The flag burners don’t represent all of the occupiers. But I’d guess they do represent about 20-25% of them. And while the other 80% may not want to burn flags probably half do want to burn down our free market system and replace it with…who knows. They certainly don’t. Not everyone who supports the movement is a communist, anarchist, crank or a nut but enough are that they make the entire thing a waste of time. It’s nice to see the few remaining sensible people realizing that and packing it in.

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