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Chris Christie: 3 Years of Obama Has Left Us Hopeless and Changeless

John on December 30, 2011 at 10:48 am

It’s a good line but I still get the feeling the crowd isn’t nearly as excited about Mitt as Christie is. Listen to the listless cheer when Christie uses his name:

YouTube Preview Image

Mitt has this just about sewn up. That’s what the polls are saying. He’s got a very good chance of winning in Iowa and New Hampshire. If he does that, he’ll pick up more momentum. Plus, as of now, he’s only got Paul to contend with in Virginia. He’s got money and an organization to make sure he’s competitive in every state.

With Newt collapsing, Santorum and Paul are the only other options. Santorum doesn’t have the presentation chops to beat Obama. He comes off as angry which only makes Obama look cool. It would be Nixon vs. Kennedy all over again. Plus who can’t predict the President’s next move if Santorum were to win. He would simply announce his position had shifted on gay marriage, probably on a Monday morning about 6 weeks before the election. It would be the lead story every day until Santorum’s polling was underwater. The media would make sure of that. It’s just what the President needs actually, a way to turn this from an election about his performance and the economy to an issue guaranteed to motivate his base (and which is especially popular with younger voters).

As for Ron Paul, he’s outside the party mainstream on so many issues. Ending the FED may or may not be a good idea but I don’t think he’ll convince people it’s the new 9-9-9 plan. Given his very negative attitude toward Israel, his support for 9/11 trutherism and his comfort with various racists who worked for him over the years (hint: He’s lying about not having read the newsletters) he doesn’t deserve to be the leader of the party of Lincoln.

So it sure looks to me like it’s going to be Mitt. Like most conservatives I’ve gone through the stages of grief on this. I really don’t see him as a good choice. Months ago when I looked at the prospective field I didn’t even mention his name because I was sure RomneyCare would make him a non-starter. It should have done so, but hasn’t. By nominating this guy we all but insure Obamacare never dies. That’s how I see it. In a sense, a win for Romney might be a bigger win for Obama than a win for Obama. It would insure his signature achievement becomes unstoppable and allow him to escape the daily meat grinder of owning the Obama economy. I really, really hate this outcome.

So I guess I’m not quite at that acceptance stage yet. But I am starting to feel the end game is drawing nigh whether I accept it or not.

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