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Is It True What They Say About Ann?

John on June 7, 2006 at 10:01 pm

The media world is ablaze over Ann Coulter’s new book and her comments about the so-called Jersey Girls. Hugh Hewitt and other bloggers are calling for an apology. There’s no doubt Ann was more than brusque when she wrote that the Jersey Girls were “enjoying their husbands deaths.” I can’t defend the language so I won’t try.

That said, she’s utterly correct about the media’s use of unassailable liberal victims. How many times were these far left libs on Chris Matthews show? But what happens when a group of similarly “unassailable victims” comes out to challenge John Kerry’s version of events in Vietnam. Chris Matthews’ goes bezerk and starts shouting at Michelle Malkin! Larry O’Donnell’s head explodes on air! The press never has one of the veterans on without having someone on the other side to provide “context.” And in the end, “Swift-boating” becomes a liberal buzzword for dirty politics. Why shouldn’t the Jersey Girls get the same treatment for once?

If you want to argue that no one deserves such treatment, okay, I’m onboard with that. I’d love to have a more civil discourse on any number of issues. But, like Ann, I’m pretty sick of playing this game by their rules. For goodness sake, the people who are claiming to be outraged about this are the same folks whose political existence can be summed up by the appelation Chimpy McHitlerburton. So I find some of the outrage on the right a little confused.

For instance, Rick Moran at Right Wing Nuthouse proves Ann’s point by going apoplectic over the affront to the Jersey Girls honor. After 1000 words about how wrong it is to critique the Jersey Girls he concludes by calling Ann “a shallow, bitter, bitch of a woman.” How in the world is this statement raising the level of discourse? Ann should apologize? Why don’t you apologize first, Rick, and show us how it’s done.

The Anchoress, who I enjoy, has a more muted reproach to Ann, though my reading of her post suggests that as the day wore on she was in almost complete agreement with Ann’s larger point. At least the Anchoress isn’t calling anyone names. That would really have my head spinning.

Generally speaking, I’m glad the right side of the blogosphere has the decent people, people who want to treat others with respect despite strong disagreement. You sure don’t find many people like that over at DU or Kos. But I think things have to be kept in some perspective. Before we come down on Ann like a ton of bricks…

For goodness sake people, let’s not become a right wing version of thissorry world

Upated 6/9: Today, Dawn Eden finds proof that Ann was right about the Jersey Girls.

LaShawn Barber also posts a link to a recent HuffPost piece by Kristen Breitweiser (one of the Jersey Girls). The first paragraph of said piece reminds the reader of her husbands untimely death. The remainder is a baldly partisan attack on Rudolph Giuliani.

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