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This Uncut Interview Video Supposedly Makes Ron Paul Look Better

John on December 26, 2011 at 10:58 am

This was posted by Ron Paul’s campaign to show the other side of the story. From the description:

All parts of the interview that make Gloria Borger look ridiculous and provocative were cut out of the heavily edited and misleading version that aired on CNN:

As you can see CNN aired the final segment (starting at 6:00) first, trying to create the false impression that Ron Paul terminated the interview just minutes after it had started. In reality the interview had already lasted a full 8 minutes and was effectively over, with no further questions being asked.

Propagandist Borger ended the interview with an outrageous insinuation and lie: “Some of this stuff was very incendiary, you know… saying that in 1993 the Israelis were responsible for the bombing of the World Trade Center”.

First, I don’t see how this helps. It still looks to me like he got irritated with the questions and walked out. Granted the interview was longer than it seemed but it still ends abruptly:

YouTube Preview Image

As for the content of the newsletters, I don’t know if the specific claim about the World Trade Center is true but there were certainly plenty of extreme views on offer in the newsletters. It’s not wrong to say they were incendiary.

From what I’ve read, it’s likely that Ron Paul probably did not write much of this material (his staffer Lew Rockwell is supposedly one of the chief authors). However, the claim that he never read them is absurd on its face. He surely read his own newsletters if only to see what he was putting hiss name on. If he didn’t even do that than the entire 10-year enterprise is a case of fraud on the public.

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