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Experts Say 2 Month Payroll Tax Holiday Cannot Be Implemented

John on December 21, 2011 at 4:23 pm

So the President and the Democrats in the Senate are outraged that the House won’t sign on to their 2 month payroll tax holiday. It’s another outrageous example of Republican obstructionism. For their part, Republicans have argued that the 2 month holiday makes the plan unworkable. Jake Tapper talked to a non-partisan expert and guess what, the Republicans are right:

Officials from the policy-neutral National Payroll Reporting Consortium, Inc. have expressed concern to members of Congress that the two-month payroll tax holiday passed by the Senate and supported by President Obama cannot be implemented properly.

Pete Isberg, president of the NPRC today wrote to the key leaders of the relevant committees of the House and Senate, telling them that “insufficient lead time” to implement the complicated change mandated by the legislation means the two-month payroll tax holiday “could create substantial problems, confusion and costs affecting a significant percentage of U.S. employers and employees.”

ABC News obtained a copy of the letter, which can be read HERE. Isberg agreed that it would be fair to characterize his letter as saying that the two-month payroll tax holiday cannot be implemented properly.

So much for another America-held-hostage-by-the-GOP meme. What else ya got, Democrats?


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