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No Opting Out of Gay Reeducation

John on June 4, 2006 at 8:29 am

As the result of a lawsuit brought by a gay couple in Canada, students in British Columbia will now by subject to a new “social justice” course which will include teaching about gays:

[A] key element in the Corren complaint was the attempt to ensure that the courses teaching positively about homosexuality are mandatory, and that neither students nor parents are able to opt-out. Speaking at the time of the launch of the human rights action, last July, the activists’ legal council, Tim Timberg, said, “The second issue is there’s an opting-out provision in the curriculum that where a subject is deemed to be sensitive, the school teachers are under an obligation to in advance advise parents that they’ll be raising a sensitive issue in the classroom.”

While the province will still allow parents and students those alternative options when it comes to sex education (health and career courses), students will be forced to remain in classes dealing with sexual orientation outside of sexual education in spite of any objections students or their parents my have.

In other words, when it comes to discussing gayness, the state has decided that it will raise your children as it sees fit. You, as parent, will have no knowledge and/or control over what is taught about this most important issue.

Of course, if what the state wanted to say was something along the lines of “no sexual discrimination will be tolerated,” something which related to the state’s discharge of the law, that would be one thing. But in fact, this decision appears to open the door for the full gamut of gay social engineering.

“For example in social studies if they are reading a book about same sex families . . . the [opt out] policy…would not apply.”

So this isn’t about letting students know what is acceptable behaviour toward gays. It’s not even about teaching them that all people are equal before the law. This is about force feeding them gay propaganda about the moral equivalence of all lifestyles. Welcome to 1984 where we have always supported gay marriage and we have always been at war with Eurasia.

Here’s my problem with this. There is good evidence that, at least in the case of girls, sexuality is more flexible and less ingrained than it is for men. Remember Anne Heche? Most women seem to have something like a choice in who they find attractive. If so, it can not be a small matter to have government educators teaching young girls about the equivalence of gay and straight relationships, as if whichever one you wind up in is of no significance. In reality there is a pretty big difference for your future. The long term result of this decision is that there are going to be some parents of girls in British Columbia who were hoping to be grandparents one day, but won’t get to be.

I’m sure the ACLU is already dreaming of a test case here in America. Parents like myself will have to think again about private schools.

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