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National Lawyer’s Guild Fails to Get OWS Summonses Tossed

John on December 14, 2011 at 3:11 pm

From Bloomberg Business Week:

Hundreds of individuals charged in New York in connection with Occupy Wall Street protests against the financial industry and income inequality began to appear today in a Manhattan court for case hearings.

Martin Stolar, an attorney affiliated with the National Lawyers Guild who represents some protesters, asked the court to dismiss the summonses, saying the police “fixed” them. He didn’t say how. Criminal Court Judge Neil Ross denied Stolar’s motion and refused to hold a hearing to investigate his claims.

“There is nothing to suggest in any way shape or form that these documents have been tampered with or fixed,” Ross said after denying Stolar’s motion. “I think words like that can have any number of different meanings, which can certainly have negative connotations.”

Maybe one of the NLG lawyers should fall down and pretend the court hourse rolled over his foot. That might help.

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