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Babies Found in Toilet, Trash – PPFA to Blame

John on June 3, 2006 at 8:08 am

The latest victims of infanticide come out of the Boston area. This is particularly sad since Massachusetes has a safe haven law which allows mothers to drop off a newborn at a hospital without questions. But why bother with all that trouble when it’s so much easier to be “pro-choice.”

That’s the unfortunate part of relying on a euphemism for your entire philosophy of human life. Kids are smart enough to sort out what it really means in practice, i.e. “It’s your baby. You can flush it if you want to.”

Two babies dead because of a) immature kids having pre-marital sex and b) an abortion culture that makes the idea of flushing a baby seem like an acceptable option. The mothers of the dead babies should be found and prosecuted for murder. So should the people who encourage a & b for the sake of their bottom line. That would be these people.

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