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Video: Crime on the Rise at Occupy Eugene

John on December 11, 2011 at 8:53 pm

Here is the actual report assembled by police. A sample:

Activity and observations during the last two days include a routine car stop for expired tags where an adult male was arrested for drug sales and possession of stolen property, including a $4,000.00 camera. During his interview, the man said he received much of the stolen property from the OE encampment. This is an indication some individuals in the camp may be storing property they have stolen and exchanging it for drugs. The suspect in this case trades drugs for stolen phones, iPods, and other similar items. The suspect said he calls the people deliveringthe stolen property “Occupy Kids.”…

Today an officer investigated an assault that occurred at the camp several days ago. According to the victim, he was attacked by three men, one of whom struck him with an axe. The victim suffered a number of injuries, including a broken leg. He is presently under care in a local hospital…

A nearby grocery store manager complained that groups of a half dozen individuals from the camp are stealing from the store. When confronted they are seen fleeing into the camp. This last Saturday the problem was particularly bad and he has asked for our assistance.

This is just from the last week. There’s a dozen more pages of police interactions with the camp at the link.

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