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Obama Gives Up: “I don’t control the weather”

John on December 11, 2011 at 3:32 pm

This is a preview from tonight’s 60 Minutes. Remember a year or so ago when Obama would claim (repeatedly) that he was the one getting the car out of the ditch. The car was a metaphor for the economy and the implication was that someone else had driven it off the road. Obama was just there to fix things. Only now he tells us he really can’t.

YouTube Preview Image

Things sure do change. The metaphorical captain of the ship of state doesn’t control the weather which sounds a lot like throwing up your hands at the wind. He’s gone from blaming Bush which was at least specific (if entirely self-serving) to blaming “the system.” All he needs is one more term to sort it out.

But here’s my question. Why should we give you another term if you can’t control the weather? The weather will change (or it won’t) no matter who is in office, right? So why do we need you, Barack? I’m not seeing it.

As for him over promising, he must have forgotten this:

YouTube Preview Image

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