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Highlights of Last Night’s GOP Debate

John on December 11, 2011 at 10:03 am

This clip gives an overview of the debate and also shows Mitt and Newt sparring over the Palestinians:
YouTube Preview Image
I’ve said since the beginning that Newt has done extremely well in these debates. He continued to show that last night. Here he is handling what may be the single biggest issue he faces, his own past behavior. This came shortly after Perry talked about the character of someone who cheats on their wife:
YouTube Preview Image
Here’s another media reaction to the debate, this one from ABC News. They clearly seem to think Newt won the debate and I can’t argue. He smoothed over some of his previous gaffes even as Romney’s $10,000 bet became his first significant gaffe in any of the debates.
YouTube Preview Image
This is Newt’s to lose. If he can maintain a little personal discipline he’s going to walk away with this.

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