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Interview with Ex-Atheist Flew

John on March 7, 2005 at 12:51 pm

Biola’s website has an entire interview with Anthony Flew about his conversion to theism. Flew, now in his 80′s, is a longtime atheist philosopher who published several influential papers in his career. In 2004 he announced that he believed in God, though not in the idea of “special revelation” such as is found in the Bible. Here’s an excerpt for the merely curious:

I don’t believe in the God of any revelatory system, although I am open to that. But it seems to me that the case for an Aristotelian God who has the characteristics of power and also intelligence, is now much stronger than it ever was before.

And one more:

HABERMAS: I ask this last question with a smile, Tony. But just think what would happen if one day you were pleasantly disposed toward Christianity and all of a sudden the resurrection of Jesus looked pretty good to you?

FLEW: Well, one thing I’ll say in this comparison is that, for goodness sake, Jesus is an enormously attractive charismatic figure, which the Prophet of Islam most emphatically is not.

Here’s the link to the full interview for the die-hards. It really is worth reading.

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