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Video: Obama Swings Left, Signals Occupy Movement: I’m With You

John on December 7, 2011 at 7:30 am

Special report covered Obama’s speech yesterday, noting that he references fairness and the 1% multiple times:

Lest you think this is some right wing spin, Talking Points Memo described the speech this way:

Obama has taken a lot of heat from the left over the years for failing to articulate an aggressive message against Republicans that directly targets their overarching small government message. Tuesday’s speech, however, went straight at Republicans core philosophy, moving Obama’s rhetoric much closer to their goal right as his re-election campaign heats up.

They’re going populist and the only populist movement on the left right now is Occupy.

Seems to me Obama is taking a big risk here. It may, as TPM suggests, help him with the base, but people in the middle don’t like Occupy very much. In fact, national polls have the movement underwater by about as much as the President. So this helps him with people who’d likely vote for him anyway but hurts him with the independents who may be on the fence about a 2nd term. I’m not seeing the win here.

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