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Protester Punched, Threatened with Pit Bull…by Occupy Seattle Campers

John on December 5, 2011 at 4:33 pm

I’m sure the Occupy Media people will be working hard to draw attention to this outrageous case of brutality. A man showed up at Occupy Seattle with a sign that read “Occupy somewhere else, not my school.” In other words, he’s a protester who expected his free speech rights to be respected by members of Occupy Seattle. Turns out, not so much. Here’s the initial police report:

On December 2nd at approximately 5:30 p.m. officers responded to the “Occupy Seattle” camp in the 1700 block of Broadway Avenue for the report of an assault.  Preliminary investigation indicates that the 42-year-old male victim was standing north of the Occupy Seattle camp holding a sign that read “Occupy Somewhere Else, Not My School”.

Three to five male suspects in their 20?s approached the victim and apparently disagreed with his sign.  The suspects had dogs with them and at one point used one of the dogs to intimidate him.  After some verbal jabs at the victim one of the suspects punched the victim on the side of the head.  The suspects then ran off into the Occupy Seattle camp.

Here’s another account from Capitol Hill Seattle Blog:

One man told the sign-holder “I don’t like your sign,” the victim said, and punched him in the face three times. The victim told police he attempted to follow the group of men and women — all described as white and having dreadlocks — into the camp as he called 911 but that one of the group attempted to sic his pit bull on the man. The victim told police Occupiers then blocked him and said they would not let him enter SCCC’s plaza.

The blog also notes:

Though the man declined medical attention, he was, according to police, hit hard enough to break his glasses.

The media gave lots of attention to the pepper spray incident at UC Davis. Will they cover this story at all?

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