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Vandals in St. Louis Leave a Message

John on November 30, 2011 at 8:37 pm

On the face of it this seems pretty cut an dried. Someone with spray paint targeted a wealthy neighborhood with “Wake Up” and “Occupy” graffiti. Curiously, the police and residents seem convinced there is no connection whatsoever to the Occupy movement. Follow the link to a video report from a local St. Louis station.

I don’t get this story. Of course there are no official marching orders from Occupy St. Louis for something like this. How can there be? It’s a leaderless movement. But it appears someone was inspired by the movement to do this. Isn’t that a connection?

Let me put it another way. The handful of Hitler signs which were seen at Tea Parties were, in essence, political graffiti on a stick. No one sanctioned those. And yet the Tea Party as a whole was held responsible for it every time. How is this different?

Note: I removed the video and replaced it with a link because it was set to autoplay.

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