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Video: This is What Democracy Looks Like (Hickenlooper Shuts Down OWS)

John on November 29, 2011 at 8:28 pm

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper was invited to speak at an event celebrating a new solar power facility near Colorado Springs. After ten minutes of various introductory speakers the Governor came to the podium. Immediately a crowd of occupiers interrupted his remarks. As you’ll see, this continued until someone in the crowd had an idea:

Doesn’t look to me like they represent 99% of that crowd.

Addendum: My 1 minute You Tube video was pulled. Story here.

The video above used 4 snippets totaling 49 seconds (3.9%) of this video shot by Michael Clifton aka agent of doubt aka the Colorado Springs Freethought Examiner for purposes of news, comment and parody.

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