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Cain is Reassessing His Campaign

John on November 29, 2011 at 10:59 am

National Review was on a Cain conference call this morning:

“Over the next several days, we are going to continue with the schedule as usual,” he said. “I’ve got a major speech tonight at Hillsdale College on national security and foreign policy, and I will deliver it with vim, vigor, and enthusiasm. And then tomorrow we’ve got some media appearances scheduled. So we’re going to continue until we complete our assessment over the next several days.”

“But if a decision is made, different than to plow ahead, you all will be the first to know,” he said. “So until that time, I want to continue to thank you all for your support, thank you for your prayers. It’s taken an emotional toll, but the people in the audience tonight will never know it.”

It’s time for Cain to drop out and endorse someone. Dragging this out is just not helpful. His supporters need to be released to others in a better position to carry on. At this point that means Newt or Romney (neither of which is my idea of an ideal candidate).

I’ll just point out again that, while I believe some of the accusations against Cain are true and have said so, the accusations are no worse than those made against Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy or JFK, all of whom were given a pass by the media. If it weren’t for Drudge, the National Enquirer and a few lone voices none of the progressives would have ever been held to account.

That’s the bottom line. The only real difference between what Cain is accused of and what progressive champions have been accused of in the past is the party affiliation and the scrutiny of the media as a result of that affiliation. The media was much, much less interested in digging into those liberal sex scandals. Even Anthony Weiner would have gotten away with it if not for Andrew Breitbart and a few folks in the MSM who asked tough questions when most were silent. Meanwhile the Cain accusers are front page news.

It’s a real handicap for conservatives that only one side of the aisle is expected to abide by the rules. Our progressive media really sucks at playing fair.

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