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Occupy Boston Resident Charged in Knife Threat

John on November 28, 2011 at 9:10 am

From the Boston Globe:

A man who told Transit police he is living in the Occupy Boston encampment was arrested on Sunday after he allegedly threatened to stab a man near the South Station bus terminal…

“ ‘Hey, mommy, you free?’ ” Boucher allegedly said to the woman. He also asked the man if his girlfriend – who is also his fiancee — was working as a prostitute, police said. When the man ordered Boucher to stop harrassing him and his girlfriend, Boucher allegedly pulled out a folding knife.

“According to the victim, the suspect then took out a silver knife and brandished the weapon toward him and stated he was a Latin King and was not to be messed with or he would ‘stab him up,’ ” according to the Transit police report.

He was an Occupy Boston camper. No doubt the Occupy Boston media team will now inform us that he was a transient with no real connection to the protest…other than living there.

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