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DaVinci Code is Michael Moore on Christianity

John on May 21, 2006 at 6:21 am

It struck me last night after watching The DaVinci Code that it truly was an insidious piece of work. Then it dawned on me that we’d seen this sort of thing before. Bowling for Columbine, Farenheit 9/11 — DaVinci Code is a Michael Moore movie on Christianity. Just like a Moore documentary, it purports to be the “Gospel truth” from start to finish. And just like a Moore documentary, it turns out to be so riddled with so many half-truths, staged events, carefully edited scenes and outright fabrications that no one but the already converted should possibly fall for it.

At least that’s my hope. As the credits rolled I watched everyone file out of the theater last night and wondered: How many of these people know enough history to know that what they just saw is very deceptive? I’ve seen enough segments of “Jay walking” wherein Jay Leno interviews people on the street about basic facts like “Who is the Vice President?” to know that it’s probably a tiny minority. Not many people have read the real Gnostic gospels or know what happened at Nicea.

DaVinci Code is the Michael Moore version of Christianity, a perfect film for our times. God help us.

Scott Adds: Excellent analogy. I would add that, taking into account the historical inaccuracies that are intentionally fictionalized to fit into an already existing personal paradigm, it’s like a collaboration between Michael Moore and Oliver Stone (and his works of conspiracy fiction, Platoon and JFK).

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