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Family in the News

John on December 4, 2008 at 1:17 pm

This morning my wife called her father to say hi and talk about Christmas gifts for the kids. She discovered that her dad’s place of business (he’s the owner of the software business which he started out of college) had been involved in a fire Sunday night. Here’s a pic from the local New Jersey paper.

The fire started in the store next to his apparently and spread quickly. He apparently lost about 90% of his equipment, furniture, etc.

Not surprisingly to those who know him, my father-in-law has already rented a new store front and is trying to salvage what he can and move on, but it’s a huge loss and, needless to say, a terrible time of year to be facing a blow like this. For those so inclined, prayers for Art, his livelihood and family are appreciated.

Update: My father-in-law was finally allowed to get into the back office this afternoon. The firemen had kept them out of there until today. The back office was the most heavily damaged room as fire had come through the floor and torched everything. It was also the place where all the software his company has produced was locked in a file cabinet.

The room was burned out. The file cabinet was scorched but, amazingly, everything inside seems to be in perfect condition. Also, the only computer in the entire office which survived happened to be the one with his entire payroll history. He’s still lost tens of thousands of dollars of equipment but the core of the business seems to have survived. Under the circumstances, I’m calling that a minor miracly. Thank God.

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