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“Sharps Bins” Installed at Occupy London for Used Hypodermic Needles

John on November 23, 2011 at 12:45 pm

From the International Business Times:

The City of London Corporation has said that “sharp bins” have been put in place at the site after police found drug paraphernalia, including needles, littered around the area.

The site has also been desecrated by vandalism and human waste since anti-capitalism protesters started camping outside St Paul’s on 15 Oct. The battle to evict the protest camp will begin on 19 Dec.

The corporation, the local authority which runs the Square Mile, has expressed its concern over the site, describing it as a “health hazard” and “a magnet for very vulnerable people”, including those with HIV or attracted by the free food and shelter.

Some protesters have denied that the corporation was forced to install the “sharp bins”, claiming that they had provided their own.

Needles aren’t the only problem:

In court papers filed by the corporation, it was also reported that the amount of urination and defecation around the cathedral is now a “major issue”, with protesters using one alley as a lavatory.

It seems things are the same all over. They want to change the world but they can’t manage to handle their own feces.

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