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Nine Years for Murder

John on December 3, 2008 at 10:36 am

In Sweden of course. Where else would this happen?

The murder took place the night of May 15th following a violent fight between the two in their shared apartment in Alingsås in western Sweden.

The 21-year-old put his hands around Johansen’s throat at which point the pair tumbled to the bathroom floor. He then put his right arm over her throat and then pushed her head forward by pressing his left arm across the back of her neck.

Under questioning from police and during the trial, he explained how he choked Johansen so hard that his muscles cramped.

“He has said that he held on as long as he could, until the lactic acid took over. The woman died within minutes, according to the forensic specialist,” prosecutor Urban Svenkvist told TT at the time of the 21-year-old’s indictment.

He explained his actions by claiming he felt provoked during the fight and that he felt a bit faint due to a cold and lack of sleep.

The 21-year-old waited until after midnight before he then put Johansen’s body in the trunk of his car and drove off.


In its ruling, the AlingsÃ¥s district court said that the crime’s punishment should be between ten years and life in prison. But since the man had not turned 21 at the time of the murder, he could not be sentenced to life in prison. Moreover, on account of his young age, the court settled on a sentence of nine years in prison.

Poor thing. He was only 20 and had a cold. So thanks to the understanding of the court, he’ll be out at 30.

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