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The New Yorker Profile of Kalle Lasn in Which He Speaks of “Killing Capitalism”

John on November 21, 2011 at 9:34 am

To all those who say that OWS is not communist movement: You lie. The New Yorker has written a long, fawning profile of the creators of OWS. It’s worth reading as background, but even this sympathetic portrait can’t hide the radical extremism of the subjects:

Lasn is sixty-nine years old and lives with his wife on a five-acre farm outside Vancouver. He has thinning white hair and the small eyes of a bulldog. In a lilting voice, he speaks of “a dark age coming for humanity” and of “killing capitalism,” alternating gusts of passion with gentle laughter. He has learned not to let premonitions of apocalypse spoil his good mood.

He may not be big-C communist but he’s a communist. What other alternative is there once you kill capitalism? Society would degenerate into another totalitarian nightmare which, after the death of a few million people, we might awaken from. No thanks, Kalle.

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