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Video: Former Prime Minister Martin on Budget Discipline – Start From the Idea Cuts Are Necessary

John on November 18, 2011 at 11:10 am

Create a budget and call the secretaries in to inform them of the new budget. This is long but worth watching:

YouTube Preview Image

His discussion of why this succeeded in Canada is interesting but his premise is that all Canadians had to be on board with the concept of making cuts to keep things afloat. I’m sure that if we could get Democrats in Congress to agree to that, we could have some unity. Unfortunately, what we actually have are Democrats and their various affiliates claiming that all we really need to do is raise taxes. This is of course a lie. In fact it’s potentially a devastating lie. We can not come close to taxing our way out of this mess. But that lie serves Democrats so they keep using it.

Simultaneously, any time Republicans try to address entitlement programs, they are attacked by Democrats using Medi-scare tactics. Every. Single. Time.

So, with respect to Prime Minister Martin, the problem here is not that both parties are stalling progress, it’s that one party refuses to take the debt seriously. Democrats would rather have Medi-scare and a do-nothing-Congress to run on than actually get serious. That’s why we passed $15 trillion in debt yesterday and why we’ll pass $16 trillion before the election.

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