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Pro-Life Speech Prevented Because of Risk of Violent Response

John on November 26, 2008 at 10:05 am

From WND:

Each semester since 2006, members of the University of Calgary’s Campus Pro-Life student club, called CPL, have displayed a set of 4-by-8-foot signs from the Genocide Awareness Project that protest abortion.

This semester, however, lawyers for the university sent a menacing letter to CPL informing the students that their signs would only be permitted if turned away from passing foot traffic. Violation of this policy, the letter stated, would make pro-life protesters on campus “subject to arrest, fines or a civil lawsuit.”

CPL students involved in an outward display of the signs, the letter threatened, would also be subject to discipline, including suspension or expulsion.

This is a university, mind you, not some podunk town council. The reason for curtailing students freedom of expression?

The letter from university lawyers explains that the school is within its rights to control what happens on its private property, especially activities that “are likely to trigger violent confrontations.”

In other words, the potential for pro-abortion true-believers to become irrational and violent when confronted with reality is simply too great a risk. Better to shut down the protesters…for their own safety, of course.

What’s happened to Canada recently? The attacks on free speech seem to be regular events these days.

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