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Karl Rove Blasts Occupy Protester: Stop Acting Like a Fascist and Start Acting Like an American

Morgen on November 16, 2011 at 12:15 pm

I’ve been a little disappointed in some of Karl Rove’s antics during the GOP primary campaign, but man if he doesn’t just rip into a mob of “Occupy” jackasses disrupting his appearance at John Hopkins yesterday:

Is it too much to hope for something like this approach to come from Mitt Romney next year? Because it’s going to get really, really ugly in 2012 and we need a candidate who will fight back against this sort of crap. And just imagine what it will be like when we win.

Update: Here’s a first hand account from someone who was in the audience at the Rove event:

It turned kind of awkward when several people from Occupy Baltimore came and began seriously heckling Rove with “Mic Checks,” yelling out “We Are The 99%”, and accusing Rove of being a “racist,” “war criminal” and “draft dodger” among other things.

Follow the link for more including another video clip of the heckling.

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