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Poll: Occupy Now Less Popular Than Tea Party, Think Progress Hardest Hit

John on November 16, 2011 at 8:46 am

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air notes a new poll which shows, as expected, the Occupy movement is no longer so popular:

The Occupy Wall Street movement is not wearing well with voters across the country. Only 33% now say that they are supportive of its goals, compared to 45% who say they oppose them. That represents an 11 point shift in the wrong direction for the movement’s support compared to a month ago when 35% of voters said they supported it and 36% were opposed. Most notably independents have gone from supporting Occupy Wall Street’s goals 39/34, to opposing them 34/42.

According to PPP, it’s not the message it’s the messengers:

what the downturn in Occupy Wall Street’s image suggests is that voters are seeing the movement as more about the ‘Occupy’ than the ‘Wall Street.’  The controversy over the protests is starting to drown out the actual message.

More like the mayhem is drowning out the inarticulate murmurings that reporters turn into a message. In any case, it has taken just shy of two months for Occupy to wear out its welcome. They’re like a guest who comes for dinner and won’t leave. And yet, just three days ago Think Progress was telling us how popular they are.

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