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The Empire Relents

John on May 5, 2006 at 1:57 pm

After a decade of stalling, George Lucas has finally agreed to release Star Wars on DVD. What’s that? You thought Star Wars was already out on DVD…

No, my friend. the “special editions” are out on DVD, but the real Star Wars — the one I saw opening weekend when I was 10, the one where Han shoots first — that film hasn’t been released in digital format since the early 90s laserdisc version.

What does this mean to you? I don’t know. For myself this means several things:

  1. My daughter will finally be allowed to watch Star Wars. My eldest just turned five and has been asking to watch Star Wars for about a year. Daddy would not allow her to watch the enhanced version.
  2. My hard drive will have more space. When Lucas announced that the special editions were it, I tracked down a laserdisc of the originals, bought an old laserdisc player and created my own version of the original on DVD. Now, I won’t need these anymore. (No they are not now nor have they ever been for sale).
  3. Sometime in September I’m having a Star Wars party!

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