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WTF? Van Jones “A Seamless Web of Repression from Oakland to Baghdad”

John on November 14, 2011 at 6:25 pm

This appears to be relatively new. It was just uploaded four days ago and I can only assume the Oakland he’s talking about is the crackdown on Occupy Oakland a few weeks ago. How that connects to Baghdad I’m not exactly sure:

YouTube Preview Image

I actually think Van Jones is sort of a smart, eloquent guy. But what the hell is he talking about? Occupiers have been camping out in public parks in violations of city ordinances, without permits for weeks. Police have stepped in, mostly, in the wake of drug overdoses, rapes, assaults and even one murder (in Oakland).

Memo to Van Jones: The cops are supposed to suppress this stuff. We want them to do that. Don’t you? Seriously, I’m asking. Do you really want our public spaces to become authority free zones no matter what happens to people there?

Again, I think Jones is intelligent but what he seems to be saying here is just conspiratorial nonsense on a level with Birtherism, Trutherism and other such nonsense. There is no “seamless web of repression” just a bunch of small businesses and mayors who see their downtown areas turning into dangerous favelas for no discernible reason.

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