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Surprise! Occupy Orlando Caught Lying to Media After Knife Fight

John on November 14, 2011 at 3:44 pm

Yesterday I wrote about Occupy Oakland organizers getting caught in a blatant lie (claiming a murder did not involve members of their camp). Now here’s another example of the same pattern.

Yesterday a man was stabbed near Occupy Orlando and driven to the hospital by some of the occupiers who witnessed the attack. The first and only report I’ve seen on the incident included the following denial of responsibility from Occupy Orlando:

Occupy Orlando protesters helped a person involved in an altercation that occurred at a site near Beth Johnson Park. The altercation involved individuals who are not part of the Occupy Orlando movement, however Occupy protesters who witnessed the incident stepped in to help the injured receive medical attention, alert authorities, and provide eyewitness statements.

But, surprise!, that was a lie according to police:

Officers responded to the area of Senator Beth Johnson Park on South Ivanhoe Boulevard about 12:05 a.m. Sunday in response to a stabbing. Officers determined the argument between the two protesters was sparked by one of them playing a loud drum. When the argument escalated to a fistfight, the unnamed suspect pulled out a knife. That’s when the victim, identified by police as Taylor Dresia, 22, of Marietta, Ga., lunged toward the suspect and tried to grab the knife. Dresia suffered a series of cuts across the inside of his fingers on his left hand.

The spokespeople for these camps lie every time one of their members pulls a knife or rapes someone or burns down a building. But the media always runs the denial in the initial story even though there’s a clear pattern, one might say a considered strategy, of claiming any incident like this did not involve camp members.

The follow up article also notes that no one has been arrested because the victim was “extremely uncooperative.” So I guess occupy solidarity means you don’t rat out the guy who stabbed you, just like you don’t report camp rapes to the police.

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