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Occupy DC: If We’re Talking About Revolution, We’re Going to Have to Win Over Some Section of the Military

Morgen on November 13, 2011 at 7:45 am

There are enemies among us, don’t ever doubt it.

We all know there is a large contingent of radical socialists, even communist die-hards, among the Occupy crowd, but it’s still pretty jarring to see this sort of discussion being conducted in the light of day, probably no more then a mile or two from our nation’s capitol.

And note well that the speaker doesn’t just express the need to win the military over in a theoretical sense, but states that they have people already organizing inside the military. He goes on to speak favorably of GI’s in the Vietnam war who shot their own commanding officers. What he is saying sounds an awful lot like sedition to me which is a federal crime (see the Smith Act).

Also jump ahead to 3:58 if you don’t have time to sit through the whole thing. A lady challenges the cameraman on who he is taping the session for, apparently in fear for her job. He doesn’t say, but he is apparently a TV personality of sorts for the RT (Russia Today) network, which to their credit have covered the Occupy protests much more comprehensively then any of our major networks.

Vladimir Putin is loving all of this, I’m sure.

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