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Occupy Oakland is Killing Local Businesses, Sales Off 50%

John on November 9, 2011 at 12:20 am

From the Oakland Tribune:

Oakland business leaders called on the city Tuesday to move forcefully against Occupy Oakland — and disband the encampment — citing huge drops in sales for some retailers and fears about the city’s reputation.


Numerous downtown retailers said the Occupy protests have slashed sales in half, and business leaders warned that Occupy and the city’s response has spooked some tenant prospects.

“People don’t want to come downtown,” said Nohemi Duran, an employee with Juice Joint Eatery, located a few hundred feet from Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, the site of the Occupy encampment.

“Business is slow,” added Mark Amarri, manager of The Plaza Cafe. “Things were good before the protests began. Now it’s going to be hard to pay the rent.”


At Oakland City Center, Spitz Jewelers was closed on the day of a strike Nov. 2 organized by Occupy Oakland. What’s more, the downtown jewelry store has closed early several times since the Occupy encampment appeared, store owner Rudy Spitz said.

“It’s horrible,” Spitz said. “They are hurting all the businesses around here. My business is off by at least 50 percent. People won’t come downtown because they are scared.”

The story goes on to say that at least five companies that had considered moving into downtown Oakland, thereby creating jobs, have shelved those plans because of the occupy protests.

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