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Allison Kilkenny Still Claiming Ari Douglas Was “Run Over”

John on November 7, 2011 at 9:08 am

From the far left, In These Times, a litany of occupy victimhood that begins with this:

Ari Douglas, a National Lawyers Guild legal observer, was run over by a police motorcycle in October, and video recently emerged of an officer in Atlanta aggressively surging his motorcycle into a crowd, dangerously shoving protesters.

First of all, the incident didn’t involve a “police motorcycle” but a scooter. There is a difference.

But more importantly, Ari Douglas wasn’t run over. I proved as much here and was backed up by two reporters on the scene who said he appeared to be faking. Also, note that his own lawyer later claimed it wasn’t his foot but his shoelace that got trapped. This embarrassing fallback was necessitated by the fact that Douglas suffered no injury to his foot during the incident.

How is it that Allison Kilkenny missed all of this?

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