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NKU Prof. Can’t Abort Her Indictment

John on April 20, 2006 at 9:30 am

Last Friday I wrote a post about the professor at Northern Kentucky University who organized a group of students to destroy a pro-life display on campus.

Today comes word that the Professor in question has apologized and been put on leave from now until her pending retirement. Police have almost finished their investigation of the incident and it appears likely charges will be filed against the professor, though not against the students who aided her.

What I find truly interesting is how the pro-choice professor responded to this crisis. Initially, she defiantly proclaimed that her students were responsible, without admitting she had taken part in the incident. As I noted in my earlier post, she felt the destruction of the display was nothing compared to how she felt about viewing the display. Unfortunately the local police take a hard line on vandalism. They’re anti-choice.

At some point the seriousness of the situation sunk in and the professor changed her tune. She sent an e-mail to her class which said in part:

I want to do everything I can to keep any of you from being specifically named…And I am very sorry I got you involved in this.

In other words what she’s saying is, “I know you all took part in this with me, but it’s not your problem. I promised you we wouldn’t get ‘in trouble’ and I was wrong. I’ll take care of the problem.”

I’m guessing she’s said that before in another context.
The president of the university was very sympathetic. He had this to say:

[W]e all have moments in our lives that we’d like to replay.

Yes. If only one could undo those moments somehow. If only there was a cheap, legal procedure that could remove an indictment before it’s birthed by the grand jury. Vandals everywhere would take up the rallying cry: Every felony a wanted felony!

Alas, this is one “mistake in judgment” for which the good professor will not have 5 out of 9 Supreme Court Justices in her corner. Instead, she’ll have to take responsibility for her actions and live with the consequences like an adult. NKU president James Vortuba summed it up nicely, saying:

I don’t think Professor Jacobsen understood the full impact of her choice.

Nor do I think she ever has.

[HT: Michelle Malkin]

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