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Democrats Working Hard to Steal a Senate Seat

John on November 9, 2008 at 2:49 pm

Norm Coleman won a narrow re-election race against challenger Al Franken for Senator from the state of Minnesota. On election night the gap was just under 1,000 votes. A recount was required by law. Since Tuesday, Democratic counties around the state have discovered hundreds of new votes for Franken which have cut Coleman’s lead to around 200 votes.

For more details on this attempted larceny, I recommend this post at Powerline which contains the insights of several Republican poll officials from Minnesota. More recently, check the latest “discovery” of new votes discussed over at Sweetness and Light, all of which were who knows where for the last four days.

To my knowledge, not a single “discovery” of votes has favored Coleman. Miraculous in an election that was essentially 50-50.

This isn’t a recount, it’s theft. This is how the Dems did it in Washington State in 2004. They’re going to do it again unless someone calls attention to it. The MSM, not surprisingly, doesn’t seem interested in the job.

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