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Overnight Coverage of Riots in Oakland (Updated)

Morgen on November 3, 2011 at 12:50 am

Update: Three clips that capture the vandalism and mayhem that happened during the day and after dark. In this first clip you get a street level view of what happened at Whole Foods (aerial view below). Some protesters were trying to keep things peaceful, even picking up a chair to ward off the violent ones. However when the same group broke windows at Wells Fargo you hear only cheers from the crowd:

YouTube Preview Image

As you’ll see in this clip, by the evening the situation had reversed. Here a protester tries to put out a fire in the street and he is prevented from doing so by other occupiers:

Also, John E. notes that someone has scrawled 187 over the police logo. You can see it at 2:46 in the video above. 187 is slang for murder.

More video of what happened after dark:

YouTube Preview Image

[End Update]

For you night owls there is live coverage running on USTREAM right now.

Here is a taste of what went on earlier this evening:

YouTube Preview Image

This is from earlier in the day, the part of the protest that nearly every paper has described as “mostly peaceful.” This is a Whole Foods store. Notice at one point a guy does step up and try to get the anarchists to move along. They do. They move a few feet further on and trash the outdoor eating area:

View more videos at:

Ok, this is pretty intense. Although the quality is not very good. I captured this live from the USTREAM feed I linked above at around 1:15 am PDT. The cameraman is clearly on the side of the protesters…but he is fearless.

YouTube Preview Image

Is this really America?

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